Recycled Christmas Card Wreath

Christmas card wreaths are a great way to recycle last years used and leftover holiday greeting cards.

These wreaths are easy to make and can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, decorations for presents, napkin rings, or mini photo frames. Follow along with the instructions below or download the Christmas Card Wreath Guide.

Supplies needed:

  • Old Christmas Cards
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Template
Step 3


  1. Select a leftover or used Christmas or holiday card and remove the back panel.
  2. Using the front panel of the Christmas card, draw a square onto the back aligning it to the part on the front you want to show.
  3. Cut the square from the Christmas card and then cut it in half to create two equally sized rectangles.

Step 4
  1. Starting with the first rectangle, fold it vertically 2 times to create a strip 1/3 the height of the original.

Step 6
  1. Repeat step 4 with the second rectangle piece.
  2. Fold the ends of each strip at 45 degrees forming 3 equal segments.

Step 7
  1. Tuck in the opposite ends of each piece to each other to join them. Use a dab of glue if necessary.
  2. Add a bow, sticker or string to finish the effect.

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