Recycled Christmas Card Placemat - How To

Keep the Christmas Spirit around you and your family the whole season long with placemats made for leftover and used Christmas and holiday cards.

Before starting the project make sure you have all the necessary supplies and the Christmas Cards Placemat template.

If you would like to make a bigger or smaller placemat than what is shown in the template feel free to use your printer or a photo copier to enlarge or reduce the template.

Supplies needed:

  • 15 leftover or used Christmas or Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • White glue
  • 11×17 inch paper or poster board
  • Clear laminate
  • Christmas Card Placemat Template


  1. Download and print out Christmas Card Placemat template.
  2. Using your pencil, punch a hole through the circle in the lower right hand corner of the Christmas card placemat template.
  3. Insert your scissors through the hole and cut along the dotted outer line of the Outer Border Template to remove the white inside with these instructions. You will use the outer portion marked Outer Boarder Template to create a one inch boarder around your placemat design and size your paper if it is larger than the template’s outer dimension.
  4. With a pencil, trace the border template onto the colored paper or poster board you are using as the foundation of your placemat. This outline will ensure your design is centered and space correctly.
  5. Cut out the 3×3 Square Template.
  6. Trace the “3×3 Square Template” onto the back of 15 used or leftover Christmas or holiday greeting cards. Make sure you line up the stencil with the part of the cards you want to show on your finished placemat.
  7. With your Scissors, cut out the 15 squares you traced on the backs of your Christmas or holiday cards
  8. Arrange all 15 3×3 Christmas card cutouts within the rectangle you traced on your placemat foundation using the Outer Border Template. All 15 cards should fit edge-to-edge within the rectangle, leaving a 1 inch boarder on all four sides of the placemat.
  9. Once you are satisfied with your card arrangement, glue them in place one at a time with white glue. Use a brush or Q-tip to spread the glue evenly onto the backs of the cards. After gluing all 15 cards in place put the placemat aside to dry.
  10. Once dry, sign and date the back and laminate it so it will last for many Christmas seasons to come.

Additional Steps to decorate your Christmas Card Placemat:

Glue metallic cord or glitter to the edges, inset your favorite pictures into the card arrangement.

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