Recycled Christmas Card Keepsake Box

Reuse leftover and old Christmas Cards and Holiday Greeting Cards to Create a Keepsake Box.

Before starting make sure you have all the necessary supplies and the Christmas Card Keepsake Box template. The smaller pattern is used to make the bottom of the box. Use the back page of the Christmas or holiday card for this part of the project. The larger patter is used for the top of the box which slips over the bottom. Use the front of the greeting card for this part. If the pattern does not fit your Christmas or holiday greeting card you can re-size it by changing the output size in your printer properties.

Both sections are folded in exactly the same way, so start with the bottom section to get some practice before assembling the top section.

Supplies needed:


  1. Download and print out Christmas Card Keepsake Box template. (re-size as needed to fit your cards).
  2. Starting with the back of the card, separate it from the front of the card with a scissors and size to fit the template dimensions.
  3. Using the template as a guide, transfer all 12 dots to the side of the Christmas card back you want to be on the inside of the box. When you are finished there should be a dot in each corner and 2 dots on each of the four sides.
  4. Once you have your dots placed, join them together using your ruler to create a grid. Using the template as a guide, cut into the card where indicated by green lines.
  5. Folding: Starting with the side of the Christmas card you want to end up on the inside of the box facing you, fold the four corners triangles away from you so they end up on the other side (side that will show once it is completed).
  6. Fold each box side in half so the yellow corner lines meet the inner pink lines on the template to form a square. Fold the ends of the two longer sections in to create the four flaps that will hold the box together.
  7. Fold up the sides to form the walls of the box.
  8. Fold the straight flaps over the tabs you created in step 8.
  9. Push all of the triangle ends to the bottom of the box. A dab of glue may be needed to keep everything together.
  10. Repeat: these steps with the larger template to create the top.

Additional Steps to decorate your Christmas Card Keepsake Box:

Glue metallic cord or glitter can be added for a finishing touch or to hide any mistakes.

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