Send Your Personalized Christmas Cards Stress Free

Following these simple steps will make sending your personalized Christmas and holiday greeting cards a breeze.

  • Collect envelopes from the Christmas cards you receive in box.
  • Make a list of people who sent you Christmas cards as well as others you would like to send cards to.
  • Break your list down into 3 sections: must send, want to send, and would like to send.
  • Buy your personalized Christmas cards as early as possible.
  • Verify the correct amount of postage your cards will require.
  • Purchase your stamps as early as possible.
  • Decide on a mailing date to send all your cards on.
  • Divide your list by the number of weeks you have until the mailing date.
  • Choose a day each week to work on that many cards.
  • Address all your must send cards first before working on the other 2 lists.
  • Be sure to put your return address on your Christmas cards so you can eliminate bad addresses from next year’s recipient list.

Products to Make Mailing Christmas Cards Easy