Make Sending Christmas Cards a Fun Family Activity

Sending personalized Christmas or Holiday greeting cards doesn’t have to be a chore. Turn it into a fun family activity.


  • Set aside a Saturday or Sunday Afternoon.
  • Put on some Christmas or Holiday music to set the mood.
  • Form an assembly line. Around a table works best.
  • Assign each person a station on the Christmas or Holiday card assembly line and explain how each job is to be done.
  • Station one: Fill out a Christmas card and sign it (parent).
  • Station two: Put the signed Christmas card in an envelope and address it (parent or adult).
  • Station three: Place a stamp and return address label on the envelope (child).
  • Station four: Seal each envelope shut and place it in the finished pile (child).
  • Once all of the Christmas cards are completed mail them at the post office that day.
  • Go out to dinner to celebrate a job well done.

Additional Tips:

  • You can pass the Christmas cards around and have everyone in the family sign them.
  • Any other children who need to be involved could put stickers on the envelopes or stamp designs using a stamp pad.

Products to Make Mailing Christmas Cards Easy