Custom Verse

Choose from any of the following premaid verse to use in your personalized Christmas card or write your own custom verse.

W39Verse: W39
E28Verse: E28
C17Verse: C17
CF8Verse: CF8
C15Verse: C15
E71Verse: E71
W13Verse: W13
C23Verse: C23
EH2Verse: EH2
C48Verse: C48
N56Verse: N56
H39Verse: H39
E34Verse: E34
C11Verse: C11
C77Verse: C77
E41Verse: E41
C10Verse: C10
W03Verse: W03
W25Verse: W25
EK1Verse: EK1
H42Verse: H42
H43Verse: H43
E18Verse: E18
H50Verse: H50
E13Verse: E13
W45Verse: W45