Business Christmas Card Dos and Don'ts

Do people still send personalized Christmas and holiday greeting cards to clients and customers?

Yes! Christmas and Holiday cards are a tradition. Sending a business personalized Christmas cards or Holiday greeting card lets your clients and/or customers know that they are important to you.

Be careful not to offend the recipient of your business Christmas or Holiday card. The following is a list of things not to do when sending your clients and business associates Christmas cards this year.

What Kind of Business Christmas Cards Should I Send?

  • Only send business personalized Christmas and Holiday cards of high quality. Buy the best Christmas cards you can afford. Sending cheap Christmas cards will make you look cheap.
  • Do not send handmade Christmas cards or holiday cards unless you are an artist. For the rest of us, sending handmade business Christmas cards only makes us look inept or too cheap to buy Christmas cards.
  • Send Christmas and holiday cards that are classy and in good taste. Humorous cards can be offensive to some people and should be avoided. Stick with traditional themes and messages to make the best impression.
  • Consider the recipients religious beliefs. If you know that a client or customer has different religious beliefs, send a holiday card appropriate to their beliefs, or send a holiday card with a more generic message, such as “Season’s Greetings”. Better yet, send a Thanksgiving card instead.

Inside the Business Christmas Card

  • Besides signing your name inside the business Christmas card, you should hand-write a brief personal message as well.
  • Place your company information below your signature to ensure the recipient knows who it is from.